Service centers DATAMARKET repairs all iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, iMac models from Apple. We repair it fast, with quality and warranty.


Apple diagnostics are free.


The repair and service of Apple devices takes place at the DATAMARKET service center located in Riga. It is possible to deliver your device by courier. This kind of service allows you to deliver your device without leaving home.


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Apple touch screen glass replacement

The glass and housings of apple devices are very thin. So the risk that any small scratch can lead to a serious malfunction is greatly increased.


Touchscreen has always been and still remains one of the most vulnerable elements in any of the apple devices, so if it is damaged - almost certainly, it needs to be replaced.


Apple screen replacement

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs laid the foundation of the corporation - reliability and simplicity. However whichever device you would use, in the course of its operation, inevitably there will be problems with the screen.


Apple button repair or replacement

Due to the design features of apple devices, for the repair of buttons, almost complete disassembly of the device is required with the help of professional tools and technologies. Trying to change the apple device buttons yourself is highly discouraged.


Apple Audio or charger port repair or replacement

If it is the port itself, it should be replaced. Very often however, when the flex does not respond, it will be necessary to replace the flex, power controller, repair system board connection or even replace battery.


Apple battery repair or replacement

Replacing the battery is not complicated, but being unexperianced while removing metal connector brackets can cause damage to the flex, housing, or motherboard, we recommend to leave this to our technicians, contact us.


Repair of replacement of apple internal components

Using the original apple parts guarantees a long life of the device.


Repair or replacement of Apple housing parts

In case of damage to the housing, it is urgently needed to be repaired or replaced in order to avoid serious damage to internal components.


Apple software installation and reinstallation

In case the fault relates only to the software, your iPhone needs to be reinstalled. With sufficient knowledge base it can be done manually, but by entrusting this duty to Datamarket service specialists, for a very small fee you will get quality and a guarantee that everything will work perfectly in the future.


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