"DATAMARKET Huawei service"

Corporate center "DATAMARKET Huawei service" for repair and maintenance of products by Huawei

In our independent service center, we restore hopeless Huawei phones and:

  • Smartphones.
  • Tablets.
  • Portable speakers.
  • Smart watches and bracelets.

Our specialists are professionally trained and certified to repair Huawei products.

  • We are making repairing in service center on 7 Elizabetes (Embassy area), or at your home / office.
  • We are performing free diagnostics 2 times: before and after repairs.
  • We are using certified equipment and tools, installing parts and chips recommended by the manufacturer.

Service centers


Service centers

Service centers:

st. Elizabetes 7

Online store

(+371) 26666693          (+371) 66210777

Standard repair –
within an hour

Huawei smartphones (mobile phones),

  • Huawei Ascend Y330, Y550, Mate 7 repair.
  • Huawei G7, P8, P9, GX8 repair.
  • Huawei Mate 9, Nexus 6P, Ascend P8, Mate 8 repair.
  • Huawei P9 Lite, P10, P10 Plus, P10 Lite repair.

As all the components for these models are in our warehouse in Riga.

Contact our Huawei service center and we will not only bring your Huawei device back to life, but also make it better.
Do You want to be convinced of it? Call us!
Diagnostic is free of charge.


Ремонт Huawei всех моделей

Ремонт Huawei всех моделей

Standard repairs include:

  • Huawei screen replacement (LCD / glass)
  • Huawei front / back camera repair or replacement
  • Replacement or repair of Huawei batteries, and the disposal of the old battery – free.
  • Repair or replacement of Huawei mute / power / volume buttons.
  • Repair or replacement of the power button.
  • Repair or replacement of the HOME button.
  • Repair or replacement of the Mute button.
  • Repair or replacement of the charging port.
  • Repair or replacement of the Huawei charger.
  • Repair or replacement of the Huawei headphones/earphones.
  • Repair of the speakers/microphones.
  • Repair or replacement of the antenna.
  • Rear cover repair.
  • Repair or replacement of Vibration.
  • Diagnostics before and after the repair work. When we return the gadget to the customer, we must be 100% sure that the device works like new or better.
  • Do you have problems with camera, charging port, audio? Our Huawei center specialists are trained to solve all these problems and others.

Standard repair usually takes from half an hour to a day, depending on the employment rate of the master.So, call ahead and make an appointment to repair Your Huawei.


Extensive repairs include:

  • Work with the software (installation and re-installation of programs, data recovery, cleaning from viruses).
  • Repair after fluid gets inside the case. Was your device dropped into the toilet or got in the rain, was accidentally flooded with coffee, tea or other liquid? Our Huawei center specialists successfully restore liquid-damaged devices in 90% of cases!
  • Extensive repair is, for example, when the smartphone fell and crashed.
  • Data recovery. Is your data lost, corrupted or unavailable? Our team of data recovery experts is always ready to help you. No recovery, no fee!
  • Diagnostics before and after the repair.

Non-standard repairs usually take from 12 hours to several days.

Ремонт huawei всех моделей

Ремонт huawei

Tips to extend
battery life

  • Avoid extreme temperatures of heat and cold.
    If your phone gets too hot or cold, it can overload the battery and shorten its life. Forgetting Huawei in your car if it's hot and sunny outside or if it is winter is a great way to mess up your battery.
  • Try not to drain your phone's battery to 0% or charge it to 100%. Battery manufacturers for Huawei smartphones claim that the life of battery will last longer if you'll support a charging rate above 20% capacity and below 90%.
  • Reduce the brightness of the screen.
    The smartphone screen is the component that usually consumes the most energy. Reducing the brightness of the screen will save energy.
  • Reduce screen timeout (auto-lock)..
    If you leave the screen on without using it, it will automatically turn off after a while, usually after one or two minutes.
    You can save energy by shortening the waiting time of the screen (the so-called auto-lock).
    By default, Huawei has set the automatic lock for 2 minutes, which may be more than necessary.
    For many users, 30 seconds is enough.
  • Choose a dark theme.
    Huawei has both light and dark themes. Choose darker. The darker the theme, the less energy it consumes. To display the black color does not require energy. Many applications include a dark theme in their settings. For example, I have a dark theme in Google Books, where the virtual "page" is black, not white, and the letters are white. Most pixels are black (disabled) and do not use power.
  • Remove or significantly reduce access to Facebook.
    Because it constantly checking your location. Do you really want Facebook to track your location? AutoPlay videos on Facebook (they play automatically, whether you choose them or not) uses energy and data, and in some cases can be annoying and intrusive.
    If Facebook is already installed on your phone, you can't uninstall it because your phone considers it a system app. In this case, you can disable it in the settings if you want.
  • Look for other apps.
    See battery settings for other apps that use disproportionate amounts of power, and remove, disable or limit permissions where possible. For applications that you want to continue to use, you can restrict permissions that you do not need. There are also "Lite" versions of some popular apps that usually take up less space, use less data, and can consume less power. Facebook Messenger Light is one example.
    330 In general, the apps that use the most battery power will be the apps you use the most, so removing or reducing usage may not be very practical for you.
  • Learn how to enable the power saving modes of your smartphone.
    Different versions of Huawei have one or more power saving modes. They limit the performance of the processor (and other functions). Think about using them. You will get lower performance but longer battery life.
  • Applications without ads.
    Many apps exist in both free and paid versions, and the difference is that the free version is supported by ads. Ad serving uses more data and therefore more energy. Buying an application, you frequently use, rather than a free ad-supported version, may ultimately pay off by reducing data consumption and battery power. You also free up screen space by getting rid of distracting advertising, usually acquiring more functions and supporting application developers. Avoid charging downtime. li>
  • Small but regular recharges are much better for lithium-ion batteries than long full charge cycles. Charge during the night is a very common habit, but this is not recommended for several reasons (the old “recharge” myth is not one of them).
    First, continuous recharging of a fully charged battery can lead to plating of lithium, which reduces stability in the long run and can lead to system malfunctions and reboots.
    Third, it leaves the battery at a higher voltage when it is 100 percent, as we just mentioned above.
    В-третьих, it creates excess heat caused by power loss..
  • Playing or watching videos while charging is bad because they distort charging cycles.
    The best way to avoid "parasitic" loads is to turn off the device while charging.Но, But more realistic is to leave the device on and not use it while the device is connected to the power supply, leaving it most of the time in standby mode.
    Don't forget to take off the charger once the battery is full enough.

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