Computer repair

Service centers DATAMARKET repairs and maintains all types of desktop computers: system units and monitors.


Computer diagnostics are free.


Computer repair and service are carried out at the DATAMARKET service center located in the Riga.


You can also order courier to your home, for pickup. This kind of service allows you to solve problems with your computer as soon as possible.

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Installation and reinstallation of the licensed programs and operating systems

Installation and reinstallation of any licensed programs and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS, antivirus, text and graphic editors, etc.)


Computer hard drive repair or replacement

If you see a blue screen with white letters appearing on your computer screen, it is very likely that the problem is directly in the hard disk. Hard disk repair (HDD) and data restoration are different processes.


When repairing the HDD, there is no question of saving data. In the case of a difficult repair, the data is formatted and the hard disc itself remains in the working condition. In the event of physical damage, the hard disk can not be repaired, but it is possible to recover the information stored on the disk.

Power supply unit repair or replacement

You should choose a power supply that has enough power output and even with a reserve to ensure the efficient operation of the computer components. Power supply must be quiet and high-quality as it provides a stable power supply to other computer components.


It is important to prevent power suply unit damage in time because uneven power output can cause serious damage to all connected computer parts.


Motherboard repair or replacement

If your computer has a black screen when you try to turn it on and the computer does not load the system and outputs no sound, one of the possible problems with your computer may be a damaged motherboard.


The motherboard provides adequate power for all computer components and peripherals that are connected to motherboard. In the event of damage, it is best to immediately replace the motherboard, but in rare cases, repairing the motherboard is more beneficial.


Monitor repair

Broken monitor? Do not throw it out so soon. We can fix it. Damage diagnostics will be performed before repairing the monitors.


Work must be carried out strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and damaged parts must be replaced by analogical parts of the same company.


Cleaning the internal components of your computer from dust

From time to time, it is required to clean your computer from dust to improve speed of the computer and make it quieter. Computer, that is full of dust works with extra load and therefore consumes more power, so cleaning your computer will save you some money.


Also dust accumulated on some of the computer parts can cause serious damage to the components of the computer and can cause malfunctioning, because static electricity inside the computer draws dust from the air, computer should be cleaned regularly.


Our technicians will clean even the hardest places to reach!


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