Service centers DATAMARKET repairs all types of laptops, including Apple, Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, MSI, Lenovo, IBM, Samsung, Fujitsu-Siemens.


Laptop diagnostics are free.


Laptop repair is done at the DATAMARKET service center, located in Riga.


It is possible to deliver your device by courier. This kind of service allows you to deliver your device without leaving home.


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Installation and reinstallation of the licensed programs and operating systems

Installation and reinstallation of any licensed programs and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS, antivirus, text and graphic editors, etc.)


Hard drive repair or replacement

If you see a blue screen with white letters appearing on your computer screen, it is very likely that the problem is directly in the hard disk.


Ports or DC Power Jack repair or replacement

If you connect a charger to your laptop and the laptop does not charge, but the light on the AC adapter works, laptops DC power jack may be damaged.


If you connect USB device to the laptop and your device suddenly no longer appear on the laptop, the USB port may be damaged and needs replacement.


Motherboard repair or replacement

If your computer has a black screen when you try to turn it on and the computer does not load the system and outputs no sound, one of the possible problems with your computer may be a damaged motherboard.


The motherboard provides adequate power for all computer components and peripherals that are connected to motherboard.


In the event of damage, it is best to immediately replace the motherboard, but in rare cases, repairing the motherboard is more beneficial.


Keyboard repair or replacement

For some of you these kind of situations are known: coffee or some other liquid was accidentally poured on the laptop. In this case, laptop must be diagnosed as fast as possible. If diagnostics reveals that you only need to change the keyboard you are in luck!


Screen replacement

If the screen has white, black or other color stripes across the screen, as well - if you can't see part of the screen, probably - screen is damaged. It is necessary to replace it.


Laptop case repair or replacement

Broken case of the laptop needs to be repaired in order to limit internal component damage over time, such as dust and liquids, as well as a direct impact on the internal components of the laptop.


Repair of replacement costs depends on the complexity of the design of the particular model, and whether you choose to use an used or completely new housing.


Cleaning the internal components of your laptop

From time to time, it is required to clean your computer from dust to improve speed of the computer and make it quieter.


Computer, that is full of dust works with extra load and therefore consumes more power, so cleaning your computer will save you some money.


Also dust accumulated on some of the computer parts can cause serious damage to the components of the computer and can cause malfunctioning, because static electricity inside the computer draws dust from the air, computer should be cleaned regularly. Our technicians will clean even the hardest places to reach!

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