Service center DATAMARKET repairs all types of tablets , including Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, Prestigo, GoClever.


Tablet diagnostics are free.


Tablet repair and service takes place at the DATAMARKET service center located in the center. You can also call our technician home. This kind of service allows you to solve problems with your computer as soon as possible.



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Tablet touch screen glass replacement

Touch screen damage is on of the most common problems faced by tablet users.


However, before you give up a lot of money to change whole screen module, you need to know that - in several tablet models touch screen can be replaced individually from LCD screen.

Tablet screen replacement

Tablet screens consist of two parts: LCD and touch screen.


Most often, touch screen will be broken, but the entire screen module may be damaged due to a strong hit or because of beforehand damaged touch screen.


Datamarket specialists will replace damaged screen of any brand as soon as possible.


Button repair or replacement

The buttons may not work due to faulty contacts or mechanical damage. This problem is very common, but our technicians can fix this problem in average of two days, depending on your tablet model. Your tablet buttons will work just as well as on the first day!


Repair or replacement of tablet ports (audio jack or charger port)

Tablet audio or charger sockets do not function if there is a mechanical damage to the external socket components or damage to the housing or the motherboard.


Tablet battery repair or replacement

The battery of tablet should be replaced in case where it can not provide the normal operation of the device: it does not fit, it quickly discharges, or it can not even support phone operation temporarily


After the diagnostic, our technician decides what to do with battery. It may happen that the tablet does not turn on in the event of a deep discharge due to the long standby time.


Repair or replacement of tablet housing

In case of damage to the tablet housing, it is urgently needed to be repaired or replaced in order to avoid serious damage to internal components. Housing replacement requires professional tools. We do not recommend doing this at home, leave it to the professionals who will do it fast, with quality and at a reasonable price.


Repair of replacement of internal components of tablet

Only an experienced and qualified specialist with the help of modern equipment will be able to determine the reason why your tablet does not work and promptly eliminate the problem.


Tablet software installation and reinstallation

It is better to contact specialists, because trying to reinstall OS yourself can lead to program errors.


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