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Corporate center for repair and maintenance of Sony products

We are restoring hopeless!

In our independent service center, you can get professionally repaired Sony electronics. Most often we are addressed for the repair repair of:

  • Laptops;
  • Tablets;
  • Smartphones (mobile phones);
  • E-book readers;
  • Headphones and other audio devices;
  • Smart sports devices;
  • Game consoles, Sony PlayStation.
As we install only original parts, and usually within one working day with the factory warranty for all installed parts.

Service centers


Service centers

Service centers

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Fast Sony electronics repairs

90% of all simple repairs are made in front of the customer within 1 hour.
These repairs include.

  • Screen and display replacement on devices.
  • Sony camera repair or replacement.
  • Replacement or repair of Sony batteries, and the disposal of the old battery – free..
  • Repair or replacement of Sony mute / power / volume buttons.
  • Repair or replacement of power buttons, "HOME", etc.
  • Repair or replacement of the ports on all Sony devices.
  • Repair or replacement of the Sony charger.
  • Repair or replacement of Sony headphones.
  • Repair of Sony speakers / microphones.
  • Repair or replacement of antennas.
  • Repair or replacement of a damaged keyboard.
  • Repair of the back cover.

At first, we check the technical condition, carry out a full diagnostic of the brought Sony device, and then proceed to repair or replace the defective parts of the device.
After all repairs, we perform re-diagnostics in order to be sure that the device works in accordance with high Sony standards.

When we return the gadget to the customer, we must be 100% sure that the device works like new one or even better.

Contact our Sony service center and we will not only bring your Sony device back to life, but also make it better.
Do You want to be convinced of it? Call us! !
Diagnostic is free of charge.


Ремонт Sony всех моделей

Ремонт Sony всех моделей

Laptop is flooded

Tea, coffee or other liquid rapidly get inside of the laptops and other devices.

This is one of the most common causes of damage to laptops, tablets and smartphones.p>

In the event of a spill of sweetened beverage, you must immediately turn off the device, remove the battery and turn the device upside down with the back cover to the top, so that unwanted liquid could flow out of the keyboard. It usually requires replacing the damaged keyboard and other parts where the liquid has entered. But our technology allows us to restore the parts if these are not wetted much.

If the liquid gets on the charger, immediately de-energize it, otherwise it often leads to a short circuit and complete combustion of the laptop.

By following these steps, you can prevent additional damage to other parts.


Motherboard is damaged

A faulty motherboard can manifest itself in different ways: non-working display, laptop, tablet or smartphone does not start or suddenly does not turn off (the so-called "blue death"), etc.

Faulty motherboard service includes two options: repairing of the current motherboard or replacing it with a new one.

Ремонт Sony всех моделей

Ремонт Sony

Damaged HDD – we will recover it

Repair or replacement of damaged HDD and /or restoring of data and programs.

Typical signs of a damaged hard drive: incorrect loading of the system or its destruction, hanging.
The error may be in the damaged mechanical part of the hard drive or in previously installed programs.

Hard disk repair is a necessary step towards the proper operation of the system.

Damaged display

This may include defective pixels on the display, non-functional back-light or other defects.

In case of faulty LCD pixels, it is necessary to replace the entire panel.
As for non-functional backlighting, the most common cause is a faulty inverter, replacing which, the display starts to work normally.


Ремонт imac

Ремонт Apple Watch

Non-functional DVD mechanics

Non-functional mechanics may cause partial or complete disk boot failure.

DVD mechanics could be repaired by preventive maintenance of its optical part or complete replacement.


Other malfunctions of SONY devices:

  • Overheating, loud sound of running fan;
  • Blue display;
  • Infected device - virus removal, backup and update of operating system and programs;
  • Damaged optical mechanics;
  • Non-functional Wi-Fi..

Contact us using the Contact form; send us an email or call us. We are always happy to help those who need to repair their devices.

Our enthusiasts of SONY products are always ready to help like-minded people.


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